Blue Tip Long Saw Bits

Simonds Blue Tip Saw Bits…the quality standard for generations of Lumbermen. Precision made from Simonds special steel, Blue Tip Bits are uniform in shape, fit and temper. They hold a sharp edge, yet can be readily touched up or resharpened with a file or grinder. The Blue Tip, a result of special tempering, is a mark of extra toughness that resists breakage in hard, knotty or frozen logs. Made in all standard styles, types and sizes, Blue Tip Bits fit all make of saws of the same style and gauge. Packed in lots of 100 in the familiar red box.

Part NoDescription1 Box5 Boxes
101362BF 8/9 9/32 Blue Tip Long Saw Bit$169.40 Box$160.93 Box
101360BF 8/9 5/16 Blue Tip Long Saw Bit$188.90 Box$179.46 Box
101365BF 7 11/32 Blue Tip Long Saw Bit$200.00 Box$190.00 Box
1013752-1/2 8/9 9/32 Blue Tip Long Saw Bit$179.20 Box$170.24 Box
1013782-1/2 7 5/16 Blue Tip Long Saw Bit$175.00 Box$166.25 Box
1013813 8/9 9/32 Blue Tip Long Saw Bit$181.90 Box$172.81 Box
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